The pinstripe country club crowd is in almost in full-blown panic over the prospect of Donald Trump getting the Republican nomination for President. The Democrats are also running around with their hair on fire trying to make Trump a toxic waste dump that no one will vote for. It does not seem to be working on either side. The Trump train just keeps rolling on.

What I wonder however is this; if Trump is so bad what on earth is all the fuss about? I mean Marxist billionaire George Soros is dumping millions of dollars into the race to attack the brash New Yorker while also sending thousands of petulant fascist millennials to assault Trumps giant rallies across the nation. They want to silence him. They desperately want to shut him up and shut him down, now.

I find this all very confusing. And as Ivey will be more than happy to tell you, when I am confused I really start to dig for an answer and don’t stop until I find one.

You see, when I was growing up my mother explained the real beauty of the First Amendment and the freedom of speech protected therein was not that I could say whatever I wanted. That was great but what was even better was that others could too and by doing so you could hear really bad ideas and therefore choose good ones for yourself. That has always stayed with me and it’s the reason I find freedom of speech so delicious. No matter how utterly stupid someone is or how utterly impossible their idea may be they can spew it all over the room for all to hear. I don’t want safe spaces for God’s sake I want a beer and some popcorn because some of this stuff is just precious. How could I learn what lowlifes, imbeciles and sheep were in this world if they didn’t openly advertise and promote those facts every day?

Which brings me back to asking; if Trump is really that bad wouldn’t the Democrats be better off letting him ramble on whenever possible? The old rule of thumb is if your opponent is self-destructing, don’t say a word and stay out of the way.

The problem is the political class and their chattering class allies seemed to have misread this one. Trump grows almost daily in support and in primary wins. Governors and Senators and world famous surgeons have endorsed him. He is attracting the largest political crowds in decades and voter turnout in Republican races is smashing all time records.

The near constant public attacks against Trump I believe are a tacit admission that despite their best efforts to paint him as the devil himself, the left fears Donald Trump. On the usual battery of left leaning alleged news programs the Clintonistas claim the are “looking forward” to a general election race against the reality TV star big mouth. But like I pointed out earlier, in private it’s more like their hair is on fire and their asses are catching.

The really big problem for the pinstripes and inside circle types on all ends of the political spectrum is the crowd he is drawing in. Look around the room and you will see fired up young people, union members, former Democrats, even minorities in far larger numbers than the press or anyone else stuck in the middle of the District will admit.

I have to admit it is kind of entertaining to watch the likes of spineless Lindsey Graham and the newly discredited Mitt Romney and the equally useless John Boehner all hyperventilating that “the party could be lost, the party could be lost.” Well look in the mirror you feckless weasels, for you’ve no one to blame yourself. If you had done even a portion of what you promised to get elected the Trump Train would have never left the station.

And to my Democratic friends; relax- Donald Trump is just a light at the end of the tunnel but remember that light is attached to a train.