It looks like there could actually be some break in the gridlock in Lansing on finding a funding proposal for fixing Michigan roads. But warnings already that even with agreement from both sides of the aisle, it's a short-term fix. is reporting the plan calls for reworking the gas tax formula along with putting in some guarantees that at least some of the money raised with the sales and use taxes go to roads.

It would repeal the current tax on unleaded and diesel gas and replace them with 6% wholesale taxes.

The proposals would raise an estimated $450 by next year and $500 million by 2018.

The report also indicates lawmakers are looking at a number of other revenue generators, including increasing overweight vehicle fees.

While plan sponsors say it gets Michigan back on the right track, they say it is just the first step in raising enough money to fix roads in Michigan.  Governor Snyder is now asking for nearly two billion dollars a year for the next ten years to get the job done.  That amount is open from $1.2 billion requested last year.

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