There are not many times that I can complement a former Obama Administration official so I am happy to do so when I can.

President Obama’s Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has recently given me the opportunity to compliment him.  He is advising Democrats to stop calling for the abolishment of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) in a Friday op-ed published in the Washington Post.

He was quoted in the article stating:

Obviously, that would have completely compromised national security

He went on to write that ending the agency:

would compromise public safety…Calls to abolish ICE only serve to sow even greater division in the American public and in its political leadership, damaging any remaining prospect of bipartisan immigration reform

Many conservatives like I and Republicans understand that there will always be an alternative opinion to their own, they are only looking for an alternative opinion that is reasonable.

When people on the left start calling for the end of the agency that enforces the immigration laws of our country, many on the right do not consider that to be a reasonable alternative opinion.  Because of that they believe that many in the Democratic Party do not have reasonable opposition to the policies advocated by the right, there are countless numbers of examples of this.

All that many of the right are hoping for is an opposition party that will put forth policy positions that can be reasonable to debate and possibly compromise on so we can advance our nation in the right direction.

Congratulations Mr. Johnson for not always having to be against anything the right might support, thus giving you more credibility when you disagree on other policies and laws of our country.

We as a country must attempt to come together once again and agree with some basic fundamentals of running our country.  Once we do that we can then move forward on discussing the differences of other laws and policies in our attempt to continue to Make America Great.

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