I am angry at America right now. Not you and me and ordinary Americans but rather for the corruption that is turning our government into a running joke.

I am angry that James Comey didn’t follow the law and despite what sources now reveal was overwhelming support to prosecute Hillary Clinton for crimes she committed while running her backroom server and putting American secrets at risk. I am angry at a Justice Department that is anything but impartial and independent from the White House. And I am angry with the all too foolish and all too compliant voters that are getting ready to reward Hillary Clinton with the White House after she has disregarded the law time and again.

America was always separated from other countries because ‘no one was above the law’. Not only is Hillary Clinton above the law but she is being aided and abetted by the media who are active participants and advisers to her campaign.

The goal here is to destroy millions of Americans. The left mocks you and I. Make no mistake they despise you and think you are some sort of knuckle dragging goon if you’re not lock-step in line with their ideas of the world around us. They don’t care what you think and they certainly don’t want to hear what you have to say. They don’t think you can be trusted with a gun or raising your own kids.

The left thinks it can outsmart human nature and is far superior in it’sw ability to decide what fruits of whose labor belongs where.

You are about to get run over. While some of you are whining about Donald Trump’s potty mouth the Clintonistas are setting their sights on your liberty and much more.

I guarantee what we are headed for could be far worse than you imagined.