Imagine getting a notice from the manufacturer of the vehicle you just bought – “Don’t park indoors”. That’s what is happening with a growing number of Hyundai owners. Many still haven’t heard about the latest issues with some of the company’s late-model sport utility vehicles.

The issue first came to light last fall, and now appears to be getting worse.  Hyundai is adding over 470,000 units to the recall from last year to fix a potential electrical short in an onboard computer. It’s not just your basic little “poof” kind of short. It’s more along the lines of a “bzzzzzzzt-flash-pop” kind of short that can start a fire. Hence the warning about parking the vehicles inside any kind of structure.

Hyundai and its dealers are going through everything they can think of to make sure owners are aware of the issue and the pending fix.  The latest recall announcement covers some Tuscon SUV 2020 and 2021 models, along with some other models from 2016 through 2018 model years. Some were built using anti-lock brake system computers that may develop the internal “bzzzzzzzt-flash-pop” that could start a fire.  Hyundai Tucsons equipped with the company’s Smart Cruise Control are not affected.
A company executive says the latest recall notice is the result of what the company describes as a continuing investigation into the issues. Hyundai is aware of a number of fires involving the affected models. Luckily, no injuries so far.

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Hyundai reports the recall comes as part of a continuing investigation into the problem. The company said it's aware of a dozen fires but no injuries related to the recalled vehicles. Along with being notified about the potential issue, Hyundai and dealers will be sending out additional notices within the next few weeks to let owners know they need to bring the SUV’s to a dealer service garage to replace a fuse that should fix the issue. If you recently bought a Hyundai SUV and want to make sure about whether your vehicle is affected, you can check using your SUV Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at a special website page the company has set up for that.

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