In my lifetime, I have come across many people who have lived in Michigan all their lives, but still find it necessary to knock our state. The question that always pops into my head is “then why do you stay? Go move somewhere else”…but they never do. Usually, their complaints about Michigan stem from their own personal woes, such as job, love life, or their dislike of the heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

I also hear from these people the places they want to travel to but don’t have the funds: “I wanna go to the ocean”
Then go to one of our Great Lakes. You can’t see land on the horizon, just like the ocean.
“I wanna go skiing”
Go to the Upper Peninsula. For water skiing, go to any of our 11,000 lakes.
“Yeah, well, I wanna go camping in the mountains”
Go to Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains or Huron Mountains.
“Michigan has mountains?”
You’ve lived here all your life and you never knew that?
“Uh…no. You’re making that up”

There are still many Michigan lifers down in the lower half of the Mitten that don’t know we have mountains. Oh, and the sights you’ll see when you visit!

A great example is the Huron Mountains. Here you’ll find some of “the most wild and rugged territory in Michigan.”

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Aside from the mountains there are lakes, plateaus, and swamps. The Huron Mountains have three ranges: the Arvon Range contains Michigan’s two highest peaks: Mount Curwood at 1,979 feet and at one foot higher, the ultimate highest peak, Mount Arvon at 1,980 feet. There is also the popular Hogback Mountain, at 1,220 feet. Aside from the usual touristy stuff like hiking and picnicking, many thrill-seekers come here to mountain climb. So many of the mountains in the ranges are inaccessible any other way, so climbing the mountainsides have become increasingly popular.

Where are they? The Huron Mountains are obviously in the Upper Peninsula and look over Lake Superior in Baraga and Marquette Counties.

Try to roadtrip to the Michigan’s mountains if you have never been there…it will be well worth your time, money, and trip…and make sure to get images on your phones. In the meantime, to see what you’ve been missing, take a look at the photo gallery below of the Huron Mountains…it just may give you the urge to go…

The Huron Mountains


The Ledges of Grand Ledge

Michigan's Best Caves

Lilacs and Outhouses




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