Yesterday was a day that will be chronicled in history, as one of the most challenging days for democracy for our country. While the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. was under siege from protestors, hundreds of Trump supporters were also expressing their opinions at our own Michigan State Capitol in downtown Lansing. Many of the protestors believe the election is compromised, stealing the election from Donald Trump.

Patrick Colbeck, a former state and gubernatorial candidate was in attendance speaking to the crowd. “I got news for them: Joe Biden is not president-elect,” Patrick Colbeck said from the steps of our capitol. There was a huge difference between the Lansing Capitol and the Nation's capital, ours was a much smaller crowd.

City Pulse reports:

Colbeck’s speech followed one delivered by Trump to a large gathering at the Capitol in D.C. called “Save Our Nation.” While Colbeck spoke, thousands were also storming the U.S. Capitol amid the ongoing chaos in D.C. Back in Michigan, the crowd was much more subdued — at times participating in prayers and listening to wild conspiracies about debunked election fraud.

State Rep. Steve Carra, a recently elected Republican from Three Rivers also appeared at the event. Members from the Michigan Liberty Militia were there along with leader Phil Robinson. The view around our state capitol showed about 700 attendees carrying Trump campaign flags, American flags and Gadsen flags. There was also a pickup truck seen cruising around the State Capitol building displaying Trump flags, and a sign on the back warning “I am an American. A son of liberty, Not a communist. Civil War is coming. Join us or leave.
There is no doubt in my mind with emotions and tempers running high, yesterday was one of the scariest times for democracy in America, in a very long time. Leaders from all over the world expressed concern for what they were seeing going on in America. The whole world was watching what happened in our country. In the end, what the protesters hoped to stop or delay resumed. Congress confirmed Joe Biden as President-Elect.

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