Can you imagine saving up the money for a down payment on a new home, you settle in, then one day you decide to clean the fire pit and you find a human skull?

When I bought my farm house last year, I learned that the previous owners at one time had a dairy farm there but I didn't expect to find old cow bones in various places around the property.

One day my son, who was 6-years-old at the time, is playing with what I thought was a stick but upon closer inspection discovered it was a bone. This one didn't look like the cow bones we had been finding and it was in a different area. This bone looked more human than animal.

Lucky for me, my neighbor raises some cattle so I took the bone over to him for closer inspection. The bone turned out to be that of a young cow or calf and that is why it looked closer to being a human bone than a full grown cow bone.

According to MLive, a new homeowner in Trenton, Michigan, decided to clean his fire pit at the new place and discovered a human skull and some additional bones.

No, he didn't find some old rib bones from a previous barbecue, but he did find human bones along with a skull.

I know this would freak me out because when my kid found that calf bone that looked very human, I was so close to calling the police but wanted to make sure before I embarrassed myself or wound up a news story because of a mistake.

The crazy thing about this story in Trenton is, the guy who used to own the house, Mark Eberly, had been shot during a shootout with police in Tennessee. So even if he did do something to the skull found in his former house, he's now dead and can't be tried.

The story takes another turn because the skull found in Eberly's former residence had a gun shot wound.

This is starting to sound like a story made for Justice TV.

Police think they already know who the person is but have to wait until the dental records can ID the person the skull came from. Hopefully this person had good dental hygiene and went to the dentist.

According to Eberly's neighbors, the house originally belonged to his parents who had passed away. Eberly shared the home with a woman for about three years then suddenly moved away a few months back.

Sounds like we are a few weeks away from learning who was found in the fire pit.

Seems like that would creep out the current homeowner and even if he or she wanted to sell the house, with this story out, would probably make it a tough sell for the time being.

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