You can see it in the faces of those walking the aisles of Whole Food stores across America. They look forlorn and dejected. They have a pulsating anxiety that is reaching a critical level. Their palms are sweating and they cannot seem to focus or find joy.

Why not? Simple, Donald Trump has pulled ahead in numerous national polls and more importantly has taken leads in several battleground states. Those on the left wandering in search of organic bliss are instead adrift in mortal fear that Trump will in fact become the 45th President.

The factions of environmental and justice warriors that consider Whole Foods their second home are sullen in their appraisal of the election today. They look at their candidate Hillary Clinton and realize she is letting them down. Her inability to tell the truth has eroded whatever confidence they once had in her to lead this nation. Certainly her challenges with being forthright and transparent have spooked those that had at least at first considered her as an option.

Couple that with Donald Trump staying on message and delivering speeches on the economy, race relations and national security in a positive way and Clintons plummeting poll numbers comes into focus. Trump is now leading in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Iowa and even reliably blue Colorado.

Somewhere between the aisle with organic flax seed and the counter with free range brown eggs a tear comes into the eye of a shopper willing to pay extra for the privilege and status of shopping at Whole Foods, while considering the collapse of the Clinton White House run.

Next stop? Organic tissues to blot the free flowing tears with natural salt. The hope for these shoppers is to avoid full-blown incontinence when Trump wins on November 8th.

Can we get a cleanup in aisle three?

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