We in Michigan most assuredly speak differently than the rest of the country...and we don't even realize it. Some people in our state take offense when this subject is brought up, and it shouldn't be taken that way.

Let's face it - the way we talk is charming.
It's endearing.
And by golly, it's fun. I LOVE SPEAKING THE WAY WE DO.

Michiganders don’t just gloss over ordinary, everyday words…we also slur the names of some of our towns and cities.

Examples? Here are sixteen of ‘em:

ADRIAN  –  Age-reon
COLDWATER  -  Coal water
DEARBORN  -  Deerburn
DEWITT  -  Duh-wit
GAYLORD  – Gay-lerd
GRAND RAPIDS  –  Gra-rapids
GREGORY  -  Gregree
HOWELL  -  Howl
INTERLOCHEN  –  Innerlokken
LAKE ODESSA  –  Layka dessa
MIDLAND  -  Middlin’
PONTIAC  -  Ponnyack
PORT HURON  -  Port Urine
PORTLAND  -  Portlin’
WESTPHALIA  –  Wess-fail-ya
WINDSOR  -  Winzer

Again, our way of speech is NOTHING to be ashamed of.
It's different without us even realizing it.
I happen to think the way we speak is kinda cool!
And don't let anybody tell you different, whether they're from Tecksis, Florduh, Kanzis, Orragin, Marilyn, Collaradda, Nawthkairlyna, or wherever.

We speak goodly.

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