Democrats brought in the big guns, including President Obama himself, in their get-out-the-vote efforts this election cycle, but in the end, fell short of what was needed to take the governor's seat.  In fact, had more turned out to cast a ballot, we could be looking at an entirely different political landscape. is reporting today a breakdown of the numbers of who voted for Governor Snyder in his reelection bid and who opted for a change to Democratic Congressman Mark Schauer.

The numbers indicate that the polls were off in the governor's race along with a number of others across the state and the country.   Snyder's margin of victory was a little more than 4 percentage points. Some polls gave Schauer the edge by one point.

Snyder's margin of victory were much less over the former congressman, though, than when the governor defeated Lansing Mayor Virg Bernaro in 2010.  The article says this year's margin was the slimmest for a gubernatorial candidate since Governor Granholm's win over Dick Posthumus in 2002.  The narrowest margin was .69% in 1990 when Republican John Engler pulled off the upset and unseated incumbent Democrat Jim Blanchard.

While the majority of those in Detroit voted for Schauer, many opted not to cast a ballot. Governor Snyder held a number of town hall meetings in the area touting his work to bring the Motor City back to solvency and improve conditions for residents.  Those who felt that help, tended to stay home on election day.

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