Who would have thought that bottled water could cost so much.

As you probably know the state of Michigan, which means us legal citizens who work and pay taxes to the state, have been supplying bottled water to the City of Flint residents since the Flint water crisis was discovered.

What you may not know is how much that bottled water cost us taxpayers.

According to a Mlive article records from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality informed us of the cost supplying bottled water each day to Flint residents.

Those records show that the Michigan taxpayers are paying approximately $22,000.00 a day to supply bottled water to those Flint residents.  That equates to approximately $660,000 a month.

According to the Department of Technology, Management and Budget Michigan has a contract with Absopure water to supply those cases of water.  We are informed by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget that the contract calls for a price between $2.35 to $2.90 per case of water.  At an average price in the contract rate of $2.60 per case that equates to approximately 8,462 cases per day.

Interesting that all the celebrities and others jumped on the save Flint bandwagon and originally brought bottled water but we no longer hear of those reports.  I guess they all got what they wanted from it in regards to good publicity and then moved on when the cost kept climbing.

The chief executive officer of the United Way of Genesee County, Jamie Gaskin, said that he believes part of the reason for the high demand for bottled water is that some residents are hoarding the bottled water because they know someday there will be an end to the free supply given by us taxpayer.

Let us fixed this issue in Flint and start saving us taxpayers some money.

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