We saw the airlift that flew over 100,000 Afghans out of their country to places unknown to Americans.  Now we are informed that approximately 1,300 will be resettled right here in Michigan.  Are they properly and fully vetted, Biden and Congressmen Meijer tells us they are.

They will be given a legal status of "humanitarian parole”.  They are given this status so our government can quickly evacuate mass numbers of them during a crisis.

According to reporting by the Detroit News of those 1,300 refugees, the Grand Rapids-based Bethany Christian Services has stated they are looking to help resettle approximately 250.  Chris Palusky Bethany's president and CEO, who lived in Afghanistan from 2000 to 2001 stated:

"the situation on the ground is getting worse every day….I've seen how they rule. I've seen their brutality…I've remained in close contact with friends in Afghanistan who have worked with the U.S. government for two decades. If we leave them stranded, Afghans, especially women and girls, will lose their rights."

The women and girls that Joe Biden, his administration and Party have left behind will lose a lot more than their rights.

The benefits we will be offering the Afghans will include assistance with housing and basic necessities, job training, English-language training and medical treatment.

We are told Bethany Christian Services' effort in this venture is led by their offices in Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon and Kalamazoo.

How many of the 250 refugees will end up in Kalamazoo we will soon find out.  If the government will be transparent about the number and location.  According to MLive of those approximately 1,300 refugees, more than 200 Afghan refugees could call West Michigan their new home.

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