Every state offers the opportunity to customize your license plate. You can pick specific backgrounds, plates that benefit charity, and even custom letters and numbers.


But when I moved to Michigan, I noticed WAY MORE of these plates. So, after an investigation I realized Michigan is one of the most affordable states in the country when it comes to customizing license plates.

Making Michigan License Plates
Photo: YouTube/Michigan Department of Corrections

Each specific license plate background that isn't the standard blue and white "Pure Michigan" plate has a cost (depending on the plate, and if it's a charity plate in which some of the money goes to support a cause).

Also, to customize your numbers and letters, you'd pay an additional $25. So, for less than $100 a year on top of your registration fee, you can share whatever message you want with the world via your license plate. (However, they do have a few restricted plates, so don't think you'll be able to snag any 4 letter words)

So it's pretty easy to get a custom plate, especially if you plan ahead and get your registration online or in person. (at this time, you cannot do it at a self service kiosk)

How do I get a custom plate?

You can visit the Michigan Department of State's website to see what options are available at any time. Just go to the Vehicle Search and select "Personalized Plates" and you can play around with their online tool that will allow you to see what is available and what plates have already been claimed by other Michiganders.

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