Jonathan Capehart a staff writer for The Washintgon Post and a member of the MSNBC liberal news crew is on the hot seat for the unspeakable, telling the truth.

In an unusual mea culpa last week Capehart admitted in a WaPo op-ed piece that the entire ‘hands up don’t shoot’ referencing the death Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri was a lie. Simply put the whole narrative behind the so called civil rights movement was based on a false narrative.

The Missouri State Police, FBI and the Justice Department all did extensive investigations and came to the same conclusion. Officer Darren Wilson was justified in the fatal shooting of Brown. The teenager, according to all the available evidence was the aggressor and Officer Wilson shot him in self defense. Capehart admitted all of this and more in a taped apology to the world. He also put the admission in writing.

It didn’t take long for Capehart to feel the wrath of the Progressive class in this country. He was quickly the focus of ugly name calling, insults, threats and more. In fact in one of the more inflammatory attacks he was referred to as a ‘house negro’ who was simply trying ‘to get white people to like him.’ Though anyone could have folded at that point, he stood tall. I know weird right? But he did and then went even further on MSNBC, calling out those that have defamed him since last week and said without flinching, “I did the right thing.” He did.

Capehart stuck to some parts of his original reporting bias by claiming that the movement is still headed in the right direction and the ‘pattern of abuse’ uncovered in Ferguson was worth the effort. We can debate that going forward and we will but that is for another day.

I will simply say for the second time in just a few days I tip my hat to Jonathan Capehart for having the courage to be honest and actually admit a mistake was made in reporting on an important story. That is very rare indeed on any side of any discussion these days.