Today is primary election day in Michigan where a host of state and local races are on the ballot along with funding proposals and a statewide question.

But despite open congressional seats up for grabs for the first time in years, fewer than one million are expected to cast a ballot today.

Brett Dreyfus, Ingham County's Meridian Township Clerk, says there could be a number of reasons voters will stay home today, including lack of trust of lawmakers and congress to apathy and hopelessness about the future.

The Associated Press is reporting that the balance of power could come into question in the State House, which Republicans have controlled since 2010.  Democrats would need a five-seat swing to pick up the majority.

Most of the most contentious primary races are on the Republican side where conservative candidates are unhappy over the legislature's vote to expand Michigan's Medicaid program through the Affordable Care Act.

There are a number of local issues on the ballot today, but only one statewide question.  Proposal 1 would eliminate the taxes that businesses have been paying on equipment.  Elimination of that tax, which funds local police and fire for communities across the state, would be replaced with a portion of the state's use tax.

But most would agree the wording of Prop 1 is confusing, to say the least.  And Dreyfus says that can spell bad news for backers of the proposal.

Dreyfus reminds voters, that no matter where you're casting your ballot, you have to make sure you have proper identification.

Reminders as well that this is a primary, so you cannot "split" your ballot.  You must vote either all Republican or all Democrat.  Ballot issues are non-partisan. Polls opened at 7 this morning and will remain open until 8 tonight.

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