Representatives at BarFly Ventures, who owns HopCat, announced that as of January 14th, 2019 that their world- famous fries will now be called "Cosmik Fries." The signature look and taste of the fries will still remain the same. According to MLive, the new name for the fries was inspired by a Frank Zappa song. Mark Sellers, the owner and founder of HopCat, said the song "Cosmik Debris" by Zappa inspired the new name:

"When you hear the name 'Cosmik,' on the surface, you think outer space, and that's not what we're doing with this. It's more of a reference to that 'Cosmik Debris' song... It's an anti-drug song. Zappa never did any drugs, even though he was a weird guy with crazy music... We thought it kind of works."

The name change came after the company felt that naming the fries "Crack Fries" was insensitive to those who struggle with drug related problems.


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