Today Hillary Clinton did three things, admitted she was involved in a skit involving a racist joke, blamed the joke on the mayor of New York and then apologized to the NAACP basically on account of all white people. Why? I guess because we are white.

I’m going to go ahead and pass on the notion that somehow I need to apologize to any group of people. I have never owned a slave and those that actually think I should make such an apology have never been owned. Being an American puts me almost automatically into the top 10% of income earners on the planet from the start. That includes all Americans of all races. Maybe they think we should apologize to the world for being successful. Stop right there. Don’t give these drooling sloths any ideas.

Yes, I was born white and live in a country that is predominantly white. Neither of these facts makes me want to say I’m sorry to anyone. God gave us all special gifts and opportunities. We all face our own challenges. I have no idea what it’s like to be anyone else, I have enough trouble navigating life trying to figure out what I should do or not do.

I will make this simple however; Hillary Clinton does not speak for me. I do not have ‘white guilt’ and I’m guessing I won’t anytime soon. I just wanted to be clear about that. I am not a victim and neither are the majority of people living in this country.

Now move on, we’ve got work to do.