It’s Déjà Vu all over again with Hillary Clinton. In 2007 she did a cutsie little video on Facebook to announce her candidacy for President and she did it all over again this weekend. This time the video that highlights every niche group she could fit in was released on social media, again and showed the world exactly how she hopes to cobble together her $2.5 billion dollar mulligan run for the White House. She intends to divide and conquer to the smallest special interest group possible.

She said- when she finally appeared in the video- "Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion". Which is interesting coming form a woman who is worth somewhere between $20 and $50 million dollars. No one is exactly sure. We are sure she laments and agonizes about the high cost of sending a kid to college while gouging those same schools $300,000 per speech. She concerns herself with the environment while demanding to be flown everywhere on private Lear Jets.

Hillary talks about having a conversation with the American people while avoiding any conversation at all with American reporters about a host of issues- most recently her apparently illegal use of private e-mails and servers while she was serving as an unremarkable Secretary of State.

Let me just go ahead and tell you the truth. Hillary Clinton will not be President of the United States. “But Steve it is inevitable” you say. Well that’s what we were told last time. Then some up start junior senator from Illinois crashed the party.

The fact is Hillary is as inevitable in November 2016 as Kentucky was in March of 2015. But hey, she is good for business at least, mine. So I will sit and watch and enjoy Hillary’s march into madness. Thankfully this is not a single elimination tournament and she will get knocked down time and again before she finally succumbs to the fact that she will not make history.

Who will become the Democratic nominee for 2016? Well right now I’d say former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has the best shot and ‘that new car smell’. I would also keep your eye on Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb. I of course will also be rooting for Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden to join the fun as well.

Campaign video: