The ridiculous re-set button with Russia was a total failure. Not just that it was a cheesy stunt to begin with but it also did nothing to change the relationship between the United States and Russia.

It seems however that Hillary Clinton wants to fight one more battle with Vladamir Putin and the Russians. Her team of supporters in Democratic circles and those on the major broadcast networks has moved from white supremacy and fake news to settle on the idea that Russian hacking changed the outcome of the November 8th election.

There is no concrete evidence of Russian meddling and certainly no evidence that hacking of the Democratic National Committee changed  the outcome of the election but hey when you just cannot accept the fact you lost it can be very hard to just admit it’s over.

After the Electoral College officially makes Donald Trump the 45th President I wonder what the idea will be to block him from taking office on January 20th. I cannot imagine the left letting it go even after the Electoral College speaks. I look forward to the next bit of flailing from the Democrats.