At one point- no make that two points in Hillary Clinton’s political career she was the shoe-in, the sure thing, the one to beat candidate running for President. The first time around the ‘Clinton Machine’ was destroyed by an upstart Junior Senator, Barack Obama, that had been in his seat less than two months when he ran. Obama of course went on two stun the former First Lady and US Senator from New York. She accepted a consolation prize and served four years as the US Secretary of State. It was a poorly kept secret that her and Obama have maintained a disdain for one another. Obama was asked recently about her running for President and he said he thought the American people wanted ‘that new car smell.” Not a ringing endorsement of the 68 year old grandmother.

Now Hillary finds herself buried in an email scandal that some suggest may involve criminal charges before it’s all said and done. It seems she used private emails and a private server to conduct her business as Secretary of State. The problem is that isn’t legal- and hasn’t been for a long time. She now claims she did it for convenience as having more than one e-mail on her Blackberry would just be too much. Really? I have two emails in my phone and my wife has five. We just checked. 

During a press conference that lasted about 20 minutes she seemed arrogant and angry. She also let the world know she has deleted about half the emails and will not make her server public or available to anyone for that matter.

Meantime, rumors are flying that she intends to re-launch her previously failed aspirations to become President of the United States. No joke we are hearing that will happen on April Fools day. The bad news for Hillary is that the joke is on her, again. This time however her campaign will never get to the competitive stage. She is damaged goods and has long ago lost the new car smell. She is short on cash and worse the American people are simply tired of all things Hillary and all things Clinton.

Make no mistake, Hillary’s decision to delete ‘half’ of her emails will effectively delete any chance that remained for her to become President.

One other thing to consider however if you like a good conspiracy theory- isn’t it convenient that Barack Obama says he knew nothing about her private emails. I guess he would have us believe they never exchanged an email- in four years- while she was the nations top diplomat. That is awfully convenient and very hard to believe. That is almost as convenient as Democratic New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, the Presidents loudest critic on his policies regarding Cuba and Iran, suddenly coming under indictment for corruption. And to think some thought the Clinton’s knew how to play hardball. Seems the community organizer from Chicago may have learned a thing or two about how to win a good old fashioned street fight!