It seems America is just tired of Hillary Clinton. In fact it would be safe to say America is tired of Barack Obama, scandals, liberalism and it’s failed promises and much more.

This week Clinton finds herself buried in yet another scandal (or is this just an extension of the Benghazi problem) and it seems she cannot get her campaign underway. You see first she planned to announce her candidacy in late summer to stay off the main stream media stage as long as possible. Then a couple of days ago we learned Mrs. Clinton has money problems at her ‘Coronation Headquarters’. It seems big donors aren’t flocking to the Clinton Express anymore. It seems that many donors are just as worn out as the rest of us. So then it was leaked she planned to announce her candidacy much sooner, most likely in April.

Then the big scandal hit. Clinton it seems never used an official government e-mail while serving four years as Secretary of State. The problem with that is using personal e-mails is frowned upon. Many say in fact it is illegal, a felony. But her problems may be much larger because you see she never used anything but her own private email for sensitive, national security exchanges. In fact it gets even worse. It seems she also used her own private server.

Oh make no mistake this is a very big deal. And now Trey Gowdy the South Carolina Republican has subpoenaed all of her records with no way of knowing if she will actually comply.

The result of all of this? Well Mrs. Clinton will never go to prison, at least not based on the case so far. She will also never be President of the United States. That is also a certainty.

Martin O’Malley is looking more and more like the man to bet on.