Bryan Thomas - Getty Images

It’s hard to be the one everybody thinks is going to win without ever taking the field. It’s like Kentucky basketball, or Alabama football or the Russian hockey team. You see concluding who the winner is may look great on paper right up until you actually play the game.

Dynasties fall sooner or later. This year in American politics we will likely see two fall at the same time, in the same season of changing players on the national stage of do or die politics.

The Clinton dynasty and the Bush dynasty will both become relegated to the dusty halls of history. Hillary and Jeb will both fight gallantly and spend exorbitant amounts of cash. In fact Hillary is predicted to throw in over $2 Billion herself and Jeb could toss in tens of millions.

In the end however both will be tossing in the towel. There is a new day coming in American politics, not a better day mind you and not a day with people that play anymore by the rules or are any more honest than those headed into private life but a new day nonetheless. There is a changing of the guard coming and it will be here soon.

I’m not sure who will take the oath of office on January 20, 2017 but it will be someone many never expected when it all began. That is why we strap on the shoes and play the game. Just ask the Wildcats or Tide or for that matter the Russians. You see this reset button is real.