It has been a few days now since a tape from 2005 of Donald Trump discussing women in terms more often reserved for sides of beef was released by the Washington Post. The left has reacted with over exaggerated outrage and endless 24 hour news coverage. The left finally had what it needed it hoped to put an end to the candidacy of Donald Trump. It was stunning and swift.

Some on the left even went so far as to insult once again the many women who say they were victimized and sexually assaulted by former President and soon to be First Gentleman Bill Clinton. Joy Behar referred to the women as Tramps on the very left-wing daytime talk show The View. Can you imagine if anyone on the right referred to a woman who says she was raped, as a “tramp.”

Then I was thinking back a few weeks when my my pre-teen daughter was begging to watch Deadpool. Deadpool is a very vulgar offering from Hollywood and a comic book character like you have never seen before. The kind of over the top sexual activity in the film was enough to make me blush. I also found the movie to be quite funny at times. But it is something I would never permit my daughter to watch.

What I found shocking then was how many of her classmates she told me had watched the movie and with their parents permission. These parents by the way are among the same that are feigning outrage over the remarks by Donald Trump. Please. You are letting your kids watch movies with graphic sexual context and then acting as if what Trump said was somehow not consistent with your morals. Well gee how convenient.

I wonder how the cable news babblers would feel if their raunchy conversations were to be broadcast to the world. Megyn Kelly even went so far as to say her husband has certainly never talked that way. Ever Megyn? Well maybe but I know that 50 shades of Gray sold 135 million copies and the movie earned hundreds of millions more at the box office. Well I can tell you somebody is buying books, going to the movies and yes watching pornography more than any group of people in history.  It is odd that such moral creatures apparently just cannot stand it when they hear such words come from a politician instead of a Hollywood star.

Ask yourself about the high ground you are taking when you sit down to watch Deadpool part 2 or 50 Shades Darker at the theater. Are you really so justified in your indignation?