Raulie Casteel Trial Continues More emotional testimony is expected today in a Livingston County courtroom as victims of the highway shootings back in 2012 recount the events before a jury charged with deciding whether Raulie Casteel is innocent or headed to prison for the rest of his life.

The 44 year old Wixon man is believed responsible for at least 2 dozen attacks in a four-county area near the I-96 corridor that occured during a two week period in October.   Most of those hit suffered property damage only, but one woman was injured.  And prosecutors say she came 'very close' to being hit and possibly killed.

The injury, in part, prompted authorities to charge Casteel with dozens of crimes, including the most serious--assault with attempt to murder and terrorism.  If convicted,, he could face life in prison.

In testimony on Tuesday, a number of victims took the stand--some in tears--as they relived the experience that they say changed their lives forever.  One saying he wouldn't let his children leave his house until after an arrest had been made, and another claiming she wouldn't let her teenager get his driver's license.  Both, among many of the victims, who cited fear as a lasting effect of the shootings.

The trial is in its second week.  Casteel is still scheduled to take the stand in his own defense.  It is unclear, though, on exactly when that is to happen.