If you come from a small town, you understand that sometimes the world around you changes faster than the buildings and people in your town actually do. From Main Street with buildings that have been there since the 1800's, to a single stop light, if even that.

Luckily for small town folk, HGTV is looking to renovate an entire small town, according to WXYZ.

There are some conditions though. Your town has to have no more than 40,000 people in it, anything more will not be considered. It also has to have homes that have "great architecture longing to be revealed," and a Main Street that could use some touch ups.

To enter your town, you need to include a video with specific places in your town that you believe need a makeover the most.

The show is called "Home Town Takeover," and it will be hosted by Ben and Erin Napier.

To apply, and to get more information, check in here.

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