While a lot of people like to say there isn't a lot to do here in Michigan, I see that as a lie. If you aren't finding anything to do, you just aren't looking hard enough.

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Given, a lot of those things may be more physical and keep you active. It got me to thinking, what were the healthiest counties here in Michigan?

There's a ranked list!

Michigan's 20 Healthiest Counties In 2023

Based on a list ranked by Niche, Michigan counties were ranked on the healthiest to least healthy here in the state.

Based on items such as health and fitness amongst other things in Niche rating system. Take a look here at the 20 healthiest counties in Michigan, in 2023.

Michigan's 20 Healthiest Counties In 2023

Ranked in order, these are Michigan's 20 healthiest counties.

The list actually does fluctuate over the years. Ingham County back in 2022 was actually lower on the list than where it currently is today.

In fact, four Michigan counties dropped off all together from 2022. With that being said too, an additional four Michigan counties were able to jump on to the list this year than where they were before in previous years.

I will say, the east side of the state appears to be the hot zone for where you should and want to be here in Michigan. Almost all of the Detroit(ish) areas were covered and highlighted in this ranking. Maybe it may be time to head down to their neck of the woods and see what they are doing correctly.

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