Another journalists head lays in the desert sand of Iraq. His head severed at the hand of ISIS terrorists but assisted in no small part by the feeble and helpless foreign policy of the United States.

This is our foreign policy, yours and mine. You can yell and scream and stomp your feet and say it is the policy of Barack Obama. You would be right about that but the truth is he is the American President and therefore it is your foreign policy and mine.

The other sad fact is with the beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto ISIS has once again proven it has no regard for common decency.

And soon the blood will run in the streets of America too. There is no alternative until this administration changes the policy that is proving to be deadly from Paris to Sidney to Iraq.

There is no question about what we should be doing: we must define the war we are fighting, admit that it is a war and proceed accordingly. That means killing the terrorists wherever they may be. It means destroying buildings and cities and anything else that gets in our way. It means having a plan and executing it before the terrorists execute any more of us.