The head of the State Department of Corrections is due on the hot seat today to answer questions about the recent escape of a killer from the Ionia Correctional Facility. Dan Heyns will be asked to explain to lawmakers how Michael David Elliot was able to make the break

Describing the break as relatively "easy" in an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Elliot escaped from the facility on February 2nd by making his way through two fences and past a motion detector.  He then allegedly carjacked a woman and drove to Indiana where she was able to get away.

Elliot was caught a day later when stopped on reports of a stolen vehicle.

He has been fighting extradition back to Michigan to face the additional charges but a Governor's Warrant was issued last night by Governor Snyder to force his return.

While Snyder has already asked State Attorney General Bill Schuette to launch a full probe into the escape and the circumstances surrounding it, state democrats are calling for their own investigation claiming there could be a conflict of interest.

Heyns will likely be asked by the Senate Committee whether the break was the result of poor security at the facility or whether budget cuts left the prison vulnerable.