It definitely tells you what time of the year we are in when you begin to see signs start popping up for a particular kind of store.

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I think you know the store I'm talking about too. One with spooky written all over it for your Halloween desires.

Did You See Where A Spirit Of Halloween Popped Up?

While you probably have seen the Spirit of Halloween over in the Okemos area in the Meridian Mall, have you seen where the newest one popped up?

If you're near the South Lansing area, you will no longer need to drive too far to get your spook on.

Taking over abandoned locations and filling them with a spooky treat for those who love this time of year, is something the Spirit of Halloween brand is notorious for!

Now located where the old Stock and Field store was, previously a Sams Club at some point, the spooky retail chain took over the South Lansing area, hanging a banner over the old Stock and Field sign.

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