It is being reported by the New York Times that the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) “may be much larger than expected”.

Really, you just figured that out.  A professional hacker will hack and continue to hack by following the strings until there is no more to hack.  How many times have we received emails from people who have us in their contact files when they have been hacked?

The intelligence or lack of intelligence by these supposedly intelligent people can no longer amaze me.   Perhaps these people are just not deep thinkers and searchers of knowledge and truth.

The New York Times article also stated that the FBI had told staff it has “no doubt” that the Russian government was behind the hack.  Ok, but then we hear that the FBI Director say that it has no direct evidence that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s private email server was hacked by the Russians.

Let me ask you this simply question, if the “Russian” hackers, and by that we can assume very professional and proficient people at their job, can hack the DNC computers, do you not think they cannot hack a personal server.   A personal server in which the FBI Director stated had less security than a gmail account.

Of course they can and more than likely have.  Now the question is what does that mean to the American people?  If Hillary Clinton is elected as President that means the Russian government has all kinds of secrets on her and will use those secrets to blackmail our President.

How does that make you feel?

Is that the position you want our next President to be in?

Do you think a President Hillary Clinton would stand up to the Russians and Putin if they hold over her head these deleted emails?

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