Once again Michigan's Capitol has guns and protesters on its front lawn in Lansing.

You are no longer allowed to bring guns into the Michigan's Capitol building but  a group of Second Amendment supports has no problem carry theirs to the event on Thursday.

I wish this group of people cared as much about how insurance and healthcare companies are gouging its citizens in the state of Michigan as much as they care about an amendment that is never going to go away or change.

Sometimes are think these gatherings are more of a time for a bunch of people who own semi automatic weapons and a bunch of tactical gear to dress up and show off their gear in hopes of intimidating others. So you all know, Halloween is coming up if you want to play dress up.

According to FOX 17, the manager of Firearms Legal Protection Spencer Johnson said, "we're just out here to spread the love and just embrace the whole 2A community. I'm an avid 2A activist and I just want everybody to be comfortable with owning fireamrs and spreading goodness."

That all may sound well and good but why do you have to dress up in tactical gear holding a semi automatic gun to get your point across? That in the non-gun owners eye looks and feels like intimidation. I own guns and think there are much more important issues that people in the state of Michigan should be concerned about.

Gun makers and the NRA have done this my entire lifetime and that is, scare people into thinking they will lose the right to bear arms so they run to the store and buy more guns and ammo. It is flat out a market tool that now after the pandemic, almost every company in the world is adopting. It is all just to sell products because the Second Amendment is not going anywhere.

Thursday's event at the Michigan Capitol was the first rally like this since weapons were banned from being inside the Capitol building back earlier in 2021.

One of the attendees of the gathering said, gun owners are often misunderstood. Let's see, in Russia you see soldiers in tactical gear and semi or even automatic weapons on normal streets, same for China, North Korea and a whole slew of third world nations. Why do they do this? Intimidation and power.

So someone please tell me why you need to be trapesing across the lawn of Michigan's Capitol building with tactical gear holding a weapon that could cut a man in half and then say its to bring goodness. It is not, it is to intimidate and feel like you have power.

You could just as easily have a celebration of the Second Amendment without one gun present, it could be done as a family, and even encourage others to look more into the gun culture for protection and utilize this great outdoors we have here in Michigan, but these people choose the other lane to do so.

We have the right to bear arms and this hasn't changed since the countries amendments were created and it won't moving forward so find something that benefits the whole state in a positive way to protest about and go play dress up on your own time.

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