A New Jersey woman followed all of the rules when it came to getting herself a handgun for self-defense. Carol Bowne was being threatened by her ex-boyfriend, an ex-con with a history of violence when she applied for a concealed pistol permit in Berlin Township. It was supposed to take 30 days to get approved but it was more than 2 months later when she came home unarmed and following the rules a few days ago. Her ex violently attacked her in the driveway, stabbing her repeatedly and leaving her bleeding to death.

“She should have been granted that permit in a timely matter, especially given her status as a domestic violence victim,” said Evan Nappen, a New Jersey-based attorney who specializes in Second Amendment cases.

When Michael Eitel showed up at her New Jersey home last week and stabbed her to death the 39 year old hairdresser was helpless and the police were not there to protect her either. In fact the local police chief, Leonard Check didn’t seem too concerned about the killing. Check who has avoided any actual interview said sometimes it takes 2 or 3 months to get a permit in his jurisdiction.

I hope Check, who of course carries a gun on his side every day for his own protection, sleeps well at night with the blood of Carol Bowne dripping off his fingers.

She would have been better to break the law and carry the handgun to defend her life. She would be a felon, a live felon that is.