It took a marathon bargaining session that lasted until 5:30 this morning, but lawmakers now say they've agreed on a plan to fix Michigan's roadways..... and the key you.

The deal would ask voters for a hike in the state sales tax by one percent...from 6 to 7 raise an estimated $1.3 billion for infrastructure. An additional $300 million would be put back into education and the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families would be reinstated to original levels.

The Detroit News is reporting that the Senate vote this morning, 26-12, barely met the required two-thirds majority needed for a constitutional amendment to be sent to voters. It was only on the second try that the vote passed.  Over in the House, the vote was an easier reach, being approved by an overwhelming 94-16.

But the deal hinges on getting voters on board.  Governor Snyder and lawmakers will now begin a media blitz looking to try to convince those--opposed to any tax hike--to invest in the plan.

They could be facing a tough battle.

The vote would be scheduled for the election day in May.

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