Hey guys we are changing our catch lines on the show in the days to come. I thought I’d throw them out to you for consideration and frankly wondered what you would say if you could- so here are mine and you can send yours. I look forward to hearing your responses.

Michigan born and raised with Midwest common sense, here’s Steve Gruber

Paying off his debt to society 3 hours a day- here is Steve Gruber

He was finally approved for supervised work release- and he is sharing his good fortune with you- here is Steve Gruber!

Steve Gruber challenging societal norms and well- good taste in general- here’s Steve

Digging deeper into layers of the news you didn’t even know existed- here is Steve Gruber

Looking at the world through the prism of Michigan Midwestern common sense- here is Steve Gruber

Fresh off the farm and running a bit late after cleaning his boots- here is Steve Gruber

The real question is what is on the boots?