A simple minded notion that many universities have gone to these days is the idea of a ‘safe space’ from hostile thoughts or ideas. This is the place on campus our fledgling young minds and future leaders can run to if they feel threatened by say, an opinion they don’t agree with or a thought they find offensive. It is nice to know that we have gone so far down the rabbit hole of dumbing down our kids that they actually have to run into a ‘safe room’ and lock the door to defend themselves against upsetting thoughts being thrust upon them by those guilty of free thinking and worse saying such things out loud.

Well just so you know The Steve Gruber Show is not a ‘safe space’ or a place you can run to in an effort to not be offended. The Steve Gruber Show is now and will always be an open forum of honest debate and the free flow of ideas. The Steve Gruber Show is full contact radio where common sense is applauded and avoiding the truth or a real conversation will be challenged every time.

So if you’re looking for a place to feel safe and snuggly and warm all over because nobody will say anything to offend you in any way… well look elsewhere. There are radio programs to fit your particular, hyper-sensitive and thought avoidance needs. The Steve Gruber Show is not it.

You have been warned.