I am having trouble understanding why there would be renter rights groups asking the Governor of Michigan to forgive all of their rent payments during the COVID-19 crisis.

Mlive is reporting that a coalition of renter groups want the Governor to “waive the damn rent” instead of them having to “pay their damn rent”.  The groups are from Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Grand Rapids.  They are circulating an informal, online petition to raise support for their cause.

I could understand their concern about paying their “damn rent” if there was no money falling from the sky from the federal government during these times.  Not only did all of these people get a $1,200 check for themselves and $500 for each dependent child but the federal government has increased unemployment checks by $600 a week.  That means someone who lost their job during this crisis can receive anywhere from $900 to $960 a week.  Because of this money raining down on us is the reason why I am having trouble understanding their want and desire to not pay their rent.

What are they doing with that cash?

Not only do they not want to pay rent but they also do not want to be evicted for not paying their rent, which the Governor has already decreed from on high.  They also do not want to pay their utilities during this crisis.

Am I missing something here?  

What did they think the $1,200 and the $500 per child and the close to $1,000 a week of unemployment supposed to pay for?

Now if they have not received their $1,200 and the $500 per child and the close to $1,000 a month in unemployment I can certainly see them asking for some time but why are they asking not to pay any rent?  Would they be ok with people asking not to pay any taxes that fund the $1,200, $500 and extra $600 a week in unemployment thus paying them nothing?

All of those federal dollars raining down on us are intended for us to pay for food, rent and utilities.

Did these groups and people think that money was to pay for TVs, new smartphones, vehicles and anything other than food, rent and utilities?

The organizer of No Rent Michigan, Casey Jung said:

And if they don't do anything, they're going to have to answer for it in a really big way.

How would that be Casey?

He went on to actually say that the taxpayers of Michigan should partially or fully pay their rent.  It gets better, Casey believes whatever happens the rent of all renters in  Michigan should be forgiven and not delayed.

Does this guy not understand how the world works?  If the renters do not have to pay their rent do the landlords not have to pay their mortgages and if they do not pay their mortgages what happens next?


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