Milos Bicanski - Getty Images

Greece has soundly rejected a plan put forth by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund to keep the debt ridden nation afloat. The ‘No’ vote was more than 60% and that means the Greek citizens said no to catastrophe and hello to a super catastrophe.

For all intents and purposes this is the end of the EU and the Euro. Greece will now have to create a new currency, as the Euro will no longer be useable there. This comes after banks there have already been closed for more than a week.

One plan put forward by some in the Greek government would advocate and allow for depositors to be robbed of a third of their deposits. Really? Yes, in fact it is nearly identical to a scenario I’ve warned you about; the US government stealing the savings and investments of American citizens over an arbitrary amount to settle debt and re-distribute wealth to others. It will be naked aggression against successful people and it is coming here too. Don’t think so? Well then why does the government need account numbers and routing information for your banks and personal investments? Give that a nice long think today.

The American debt has spiraled to well over $18 Trillion dollars- can you even get your mind around how big that really is? Or how we ever intend to pay it off? We’d better get it figured out soon or we will be just like the Greeks.

And how bad is it really? “Greece has just signed its own suicide note”, says Mujitba Rahman, head of European analysis at the Eurasia Group.

Again this is the same fate that awaits America if we don’t get our hands back on the wheel of fiscal responsibility and control. As the Greeks already figured out, nobody wants to pay more taxes and adopt austerity measures.

The fall of America can still be avoided but it will take straight talk and real action. Placating the peasants will only last so long until the peasants raise their pitchforks and storm the palace. Yes that is coming soon, very soon in Athens. By saying ‘No’ on the referendum the Greeks have said ‘Goodbye’ to being a modern nation and hello to chaos, anarchy and collapse.

America will be joining them in just a few years if we don’t act now. You have been warned.

Oh by the way as a side note; you’d better be careful that ISIS doesn’t move in and set up shop quickly. The Islamic State is watching and drooling as we speak.