In the summer we have to deal with those pesky mosquitos, ants, wasps, and termites and they can be a real pain in Michigan's warmer months.  We all remember the locust invasion as well earlier this year. Ha yes, some folks even ate them as part of a high protein diet. Yuck.

Now that the winter months are here we have more critters and bugs to deal with. You would think there would be less to deal with.

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What An Expert Says About Winter Bugs

Here is someone you should know, his name is Bob Yoakam the "Lansing Bug Man" He has a pest control business and of course deals with many bug problems mostly in the spring and summer, but this time of year can be a pain as well. Now that it's this cold, some bugs want to come in and warm up according to

So, what are the bugs to watch out for in winter? And how do you get rid of them once they're inside? Read on for the five most common winter bugs in Greater Lansing, and how to keep them out of your home.

Here are the ones to look out for;

  1. Boxelder bugs
  2. Multicolored Asian lady beetles (ladybugs)
  3. Brown marmorated stink bugs
  4. Western conifer seed bugs
  5. Cluster flies

These pesty bugs become adults in the winter, which makes them in a hurry to get out of the cold, rain, and snow.

They get in by electrical, water, or air-conditioning lines entering the house. So Caulking and sealing holes around these openings is a good idea this time of year. You could use a pesticide, some folks do not like using those.

Maybe Try This To Get Bugs Out

I guess the best way to get bugs out is to go searching and use a vacuum. Maybe even capture them in some sort of container to take outside. These bugs will die in the cold and will not make their way back in.

For more info go to the Lansing Bug Man website or MSU Bug House. For more tips on keeping them out of your home, visit the MSU Extension website.

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