Will the CNN moderators treat Democrat presidential candidates like they treated the Republican candidates?

I just read an article in The Daily Caller that laid out 12 questions which would prove that they are not biased and partisan.

Will they ask them the “out of step with the culture” questions?

The questions Jamie Weinstein posed are as follows:

1.) Is it bigoted for a straight male to reject a transgendered female for a date solely because “she” is not a natural born female?

2.) Should transgendered females be allowed to compete in female contact sports like women’s boxing and mixed martial arts?

3.) At what age do you think a person is capable of determining they were born the wrong gender? For instance, do you think parents should help their 5-year-old who says she is really the opposite gender transition, as has happened?

4.) Does the fact there are no people of color on the debate stage show that the Democratic Party has a white privilege problem?

Note that democratic strategist Van Jones said on CNN yesterday that the Democratic Party has “a problem” because “this is the whitest field that we have seen since 1992”.

5.) A “Blue Lives Matter” movement has arisen as a result of the recent spate of cop killings. Do you believe “Blue Lives Matter” and, if so, will you say the phrase right now?

Do cop lives matter to the democrat parties’ candidates, great question.

6.) When exactly does a fetus become a person?


7.) Should a Christian baker be forced under penalty of the law to bake a cake for a Satanist wedding ceremony?

This is interesting because we will see if they are angling for the Satanist vote.

8.) Should it be legal for a black baker to refuse to bake a Confederate-Flag emblazoned cake for somebody celebrating Confederate Flag Day – a state holiday in Arkansas, mind you, that Bill Clinton did not act to end when he was governor of the state?

I wonder how they would dance around this question.

9.) If someone opposes gay marriage, are they a bigot? Would you accept campaign donations from an opponent of gay marriage? Is there any circumstance where you could imagine appointing an opponent of gay marriage to your cabinet?

10.) Bernie Sanders says he does not identify as a capitalist. Does anyone on stage identify as a capitalist? Please raise your hand.

Hmmm, the raise your hand question would be very similar to what was asked at the Republican primary debate on Fox News, remember Meghan Kelly’s question.

11.) Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has repeatedly refused to delineate the differences between Democrats and socialists. Who on stage wants to give it a shot?

12.) Do you believe newspapers should publish depictions of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad? If not, what is your view of the musical “Book of Mormon?” Should it have been staged?

Do these not all sound like fair questions when we think of the questions that are asked of the Republican candidates?

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