Yesterday Governor Whitmer signed a $70 billion dollar Michigan budget that included more than $10 million for pregnancy resource centers as well as other abortion alternatives to promote the adoption of children as opposed to abortion.  She also vetoed $1 million for pregnant and parenting student services at community colleges and universities because the legislative language included a ban on “referrals for abortion services”.

You may not know but the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, elected officials from the appropriation committees and Whitmer’s representatives worked out this budget and its language for over 4 months.  They all agreed to every word in this budget.

Why did Whitmer goes back against her word and veto or call unconstitutional parts of the budget she agreed to I do not know?  Other than the fact this is the 3rd budget in the row she has done so and can never be trusted.

That begs the question why did the Republicans once again trust her when they have been through this lying and backstabbing rodeo before?  Your guess is as good as mine.

According to the Detroit News Barbara Listing, Right to Life's president said:

This is just one more in the long series of actions by Gov. Whitmer that shows her extreme pro-abortion stance…We are not surprised by her actions to deprive women of pregnancy help. Governor Whitmer’s approach to dealing with women facing crisis pregnancies is abortion first, actual help second.

The legislative director of Michigan Right to Life Genevieve Marnon told the Detroit Free Press:

It is very disappointing that the governor is unwilling to help women in crisis pregnancies who are looking for assistance to carry her child to term

Governor Whitmer is a staunch advocate of abortion and promotes it whenever she can.

That said, why is it so hard to actually help women to possibly give parents a chance to raise a baby that they cannot biologically have by adopting one and in the process saving a life?

Why is Whitmer’s only answer to an unwanted pregnancy, abortion?

What does that tell you about her as a human being and leader?

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