Governor Gretchen Whitmer has officially signed into law a $5 billion infrastructure plan to fix the damn roads, provide better internet, better water, and more.

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Governor Whitmer Signs Infrastructure Bill Into Law

The Washington Post via Getty Im
The Washington Post via Getty Im

We Michiganders have been hearing a long time about fixing the damn roads here in the state and now it has officially been signed into law. Now I don't know if it will speed up the projects that are already in place (which would be nice) or if this is for new projects that haven't started yet, but either way, the state has the money allocated for getting the job done.

Of the nearly $5 billion infrastructure plans budget, $645 million will be allocated to fixing the roads, bridges, flooding, airports, public transportation, and statewide mobility innovation.

Drinking-Water Improvements for Michigan

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We all know about the problems with bad drinking water, just ask the people of Flint, Muskegon Heights, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Ionia, Marysville, and Owosso, they know more about it than any of us. The good news for these folks and other areas of the state is that close to $2 billion of the infrastructure plan will be to improve drinking water, replace lead service lines, toxic contaminants, address storm and wastewater, repair damns in Midland and Gladwin, and more.

Better High-Speed Internet for Rural Areas

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I hope some of the $250 million from the infrastructure plan that is dedicated to improving internet access makes it to Newaygo County. The internet there is so bad it's pointless to even pay for what is available. The purpose of the plan is to help all Michigan residents and businesses have better access to compete in the online economy.

Michigan State Parks to get Boost From Infrastructure Plan


Michigan State Parks will receive $450 million for improvements to parks, trails and to boost tourism and the outdoor recreation industry.

According to FOX 17, $250 million of the infrastructure bill will be used for a new state park to be built in the city of Flint. While the remaining $200 million will be diverted to projects in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

Better Housing for Rural and Urban Areas

Crane hoisting roof trusses onto the unfinished frame of a residential home.

Part of the nearly $5 billion infrastructure plan for Michigan will include better housing in rural and urban areas, plus low-income housing, better energy efficiency, foreclosure, and pandemic-related evictions, and making sure landlords can recover rent that is owed to them.

The remaining money from the bill will go to strengthening Michigan's Unemployment Insurance System as well as fund public safety and first responders in cities, villages, and townships where populations went down.

Weird Sculptures Spotted From Michigan Roads

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