Win McNamee - Getty Images

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, the one time Republican front-runner for President has paid a higher price than any other candidate when it come to surrendering support to the rise of Donald Trump. Now Walker, a darling of the right, is cancelling his visit to the prestigious gathering of the GOP on Mackinac Island beginning Friday.

Walker is dumping trips to Michigan and California to focus on Iowa and New Hampshire in an effort to get his campaign back on track. The New York Times put it this way in the Sunday Editions: Mr. Walker’s advisers said the last-minute cancellations were not a sign of panic about the viability of his presidential bid but rather a recognition that at this point his time and campaign funds are better spent on Iowa and South Carolina. Mr. Walker regards Iowa, which will hold the nation’s first presidential nominating contest on Feb. 1, as virtually a must-win state that would energize his supporters and donors nationwide. And he has long seen South Carolina, which votes later that month, as another winnable early state that could give him momentum and stature in a large field of Republican candidates.

The Republican field already shed one candidate this week, former Governor Rick Perry of Texas and with money tight in a crowded field- the cash crunch could mean the end of other campaigns as well. Time will soon tell if that includes Governor Walker.

The Steve Gruber Show will be broadcasting live from Mackinac Island this Friday as the candidates start to arrive in Michigan.