Governor Rick Snyder told Steve Gruber today on his syndicated radio program that he will veto the so called guns everywhere bill in it’s current form. “I’ve done it before”, Snyder said, referring to his veto of a gun bill in December of 2012. That decision came in the aftermath of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. “I stand by that decision”, he added.

Gruber pressed the issue in which the Governor said local communities must be able to decide if guns should be allowed in places like schools. “So would you veto the bill the way it is?” Gruber pressed, “Unless it gives local control, yes I would.”

This will come as a great disappointment for gun supporters in the escalating and emotional battle over concealed carry laws for handguns in Michigan. It will certainly be a point of celebration for anti-gun groups in the state and around the nation.


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