Before the 2010 Super Bowl very few knew who Rick Snyder was let alone that he was about to launch a bid for the state's top job. During that game the first of his "One Tough Nerd" ads aired announcing he's running for Governor. While this did get him plenty of recognition few gave him much of a chance. After all he was a political newcomer who would face Republicans in a primary who not only had a lot of name recognition going into the campaign but an abundance of political experience as well. But with a focused message and plenty of his own money to spend it wasn't long before even the most skeptical were saying he may have a chance to win it all---which he did.

Here we are about four years later. It's time for another Super Bowl and time for a new election season. His campaign has confirmed it's spending about $400,000 on Super Bowl T.V. advertising in the Lansing and Detroit markets. It's been reported Snyder campaign ads will run on other T.V. stations around the state that day as well. The game will be played February 2.