His tone was serious, and you can tell that he realized he dropped the ball badly and he says he is going to make it right.

Was the speech enough?

That question could never be answered in the affirmative only after one speech.  It could take years to make this right.

There are a lot of questions to be asked and answered, yesterday on my program I asked many of them. Not only the how, why and who is to blame but questions about moving forward to address and solve this crisis for the people of Flint.

Questions not only of Governor Snyder but of medical experts, water treatment experts and other political leaders and appointees.

Questions like:

How long must you be exposed to these lead levels before the negative effects are irreversible?

Will any treatments fully reverse the effects of the high level of lead in the children’s body?

Where was the city of Flint’s Water Services Center during this issue?

Where they shut out from this process?

If they changed back to the Detroit Water System in October of 2015 how long will it take to re-coat the lead pipes in their homes to stop the leaching of lead into their water?

When the pipes are re-coated does that mean they no longer need water bottles and filters and it is safe to drink the water from the tap?

These are just a few questions you would think would have been asked by the media and answered.

I could tell that he was very emotional about this crisis, emotion I have never seen from him in a speech.

He is probably kicking himself for relying on the states experts and not asking more inquisitive questions.

He unlike Hillary Clinton and President Obama promised to release all of his 2014 and 2015 emails concerning this issue starting today.  Anyone will be able to read them at Michigan.gov/Snyder.

It was refreshing to hear of a political leader proving that they will be transparent on an issue like this by releasing all of his emails.

Ahhh but his critics will ask: did he really release all of the emails?  Fair question, how can we be assured that he will, more to come.

Will his reputation survive this crisis, I believe he probably does not care about that right now, let’s fix the issue and others can worry about his political reputation.

What more do you believe Governor Snyder should and can do?

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