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Recently I found some of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s political decisions to be a bit curious. The Governor, to me was clearly moving to the left and it didn’t make sense at the time. I mean he’d just won re-election and he could govern center-right as he has but instead he was veering left. I wondered why but now that’s changed. Some people close to Governor Snyder are saying he’s preparing to run for President of the United States. But shhhhh, please don’t say a word.

I’ve personally asked the Governor on a few occasions recently if he were interested in running for the White House. He has always denied to me any interest in pursuing the job but now it seems that may not be the case. I’d always considered a run by Snyder to be a long shot but one worth evaluating.

The Associated Press is now reporting some of the Governors supporters have recently formed a fund that will allow him to travel freely around the nation and tout Michigan’s economic comeback.

Jarrod Agen, a spokesman for the governor told The AP a 501(c)(4) group, Making Government Accountable, was established less than 30 days ago. It gives Governor Snyder the flexibility to seriously consider a run for President. "Once we get into May, the governor will travel more out of the state and promote Michigan, particularly the remarkable economic comeback," Agen remarked to the AP.

In another published report over the weekend, an aide close to the governor said Snyder is in fact considering a presidential run and that a decision could be made soon. The aide was not authorized to speak publicly about Snyder's plans and requested anonymity.

In fact several sources are now fueling speculation that Snyder is ready to jump in. Former Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak is currently raising money for the fund, according to multiple people active in state Republican politics.

Snyder has people raising money and is also looking for staff said another GOP donor quoted by the AP, who was also not authorized to speak publicly about private discussions and also requested anonymity.

The governor would not be considered a frontrunner in my estimation but it could certainly put him in position to end up on a ticket with another Midwestern governor, Ohio’s John Kasich who was shaking hands in New Hampshire over the weekend. A Kasich/Snyder ticket could deliver something the Republicans have not been able to get lately,  the upper hand in rust belt states. Both are seen as pragmatic Governors that do not line up to regurgitate the GOP company line but rather seem to take their own paths to solve problems.

I will be able to ask Governor Snyder again on Monday morning if he plans to run for President when he joins me on The Steve Gruber Show.

I will also take time to discuss the latest efforts to secure support for Proposal 1. The statewide ballot initiative asks Michigan voters to increase the sales tax from 6% to 7% as part of a ten bill package that will also address fixing roads, bridges and infrastructure here.

It is an important conversation that you certainly don’t want to miss as both topics have important ramifications for all Michigan residents.

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