On Friday morning I interviewed Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and we covered a variety of topics including his controversial call to invite thousands of Middle Eastern refugees to live here.

A few hours later the end result of lax immigration enforcement and political correctness in pursuit of ‘fairness' and ‘diversity’ became painfully obvious as blood ran in the streets of Paris. Islamic State used the mass influx of ‘refugees’ into France to plan and execute the worst attack on that city since World War II. Scores are dead and scores more severely wounded.

Snyder used the same old tired liberal talking points like “we are a nation of immigrants” and “we are a compassionate people.” The Governor sounds a lot more like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or worse, Barack Obama.

It is time to say enough of this foolishness.

The truth is; the influx is too much and too fast. The notion that Snyder put forth during the interview that the Federal Government does a thorough job of vetting the backgrounds of these folks and therefore they are safe is laughable. Sleeper cells are the ones who never get in trouble, never get arrested or noticed. That is right up until they strap on the bomb-laden vest and wander into the local mall with glazed over eyes and dreams of 72 virgins dancing in their heads. Boom!

Governor Snyder, lets make this easy, admit you were wrong about the idea of inviting thousands of people from far away lands, many with nefarious plans for America to come live with us. Admit Governor there really is no comprehensive plan for these folks to actually assimilate, learn English, say the pledge of allegiance or be American in any meaningful way. Please Governor, admit you were wrong, apologize and say after further consideration you’ve realized it’s not a good idea.

Please, for the last time, Governor Snyder I am calling on you to admit you’re wrong.

If you are unwilling or unable to admit you’re wrong then please sir, resign. If you think flooding Michigan with Middle Eastern refugees in this atmosphere is the right thing to do, then you are clearly wrong for Michigan and I was wrong for ever supporting your candidacy. If you can correct this egregious error in judgment I can accept that and move on. Anything less however will not be acceptable and I will work everyday to expose your foolish ideas. I will explain clearly how it puts me my family and millions across Michigan and America at risk.

Your first job Governor is to protect the people of Michigan and there is a fast rising majority that believes you are failing miserably at this most basic task.

OK, Mr. Snyder, your turn. What have you decided?