There is a growing war between the Republicans and the interlopers. Donald Trump was supposed to have been a footnote to this election cycle no later than Labor Day. Yet he is still here- and doing better than ever.

Now The Donald is calling to stop all Muslim immigration for now, until we can figure out what we are doing as a country when it comes to refugees or others coming into the country.

Democrats and Republicans alike are crying foul and calling Trump a racist, facist and xenophobe. The GOP sees this as their chance to run him out of the race once and for all. However, they’ve thought that several times in the past and so far it hasn’t worked out.

Let me say this- Trump will not be forced from the race, instead I believe his numbers will rise again. His America first mentality and Make America Great Again is ringing true with millions of us.

When the Republicans arrive in Cleveland for their convention in mid 2016 however there could be an outright range war at the convention and a fight for the heart and soul of the party and the nation.

Right now, I am not willing to bet against Trump. I don’t think that would be a good idea for Republicans or Democrats either.