Just a couple of days ago I shivered as I stepped onto the porch- suddenly my feet shot out from under me and ‘whump’ I landed flat on my back! The dogs all came running, eager to help their fallen leader. It took me a minute to gather my wits and push away the cold sniffing noses and puffs of dog breath.

When I climbed to my feet I determined the only thing that was really injured in the fall was my pride. I was a little shook up but no worse for wear. I pulled the snow out of my collar and tugged my shirt out of my jeans to shake out the rest of the snow that ended up against my skin.

Thankfully that was about it, winter had smacked me for the last time at least for this year. The next day winter began to retreat quickly into the books.

Today my fall into the ice-cold mounds of snow over the weekend was a distant memory. The mercury rose to 71 degrees in my car. I had the windows down and had The Who blasting on the radio. Yep, life was good.

Well lets say good bye to winter and hello the another terrific Michigan summer not too far away.